The Church of Pharasma

Church of Pharasma

Pharasma is alternatively known as the mad prophet, the reaper of the dead, or the midwife, depending on her current role. Her followers dress in black for her ceremonies, their clothes adorned with silver, and tiny vials of holy water. Pharasma’s pleasure is often signified through scarabs, beetles and whippoorwills. Black roses are thought by her followers to bring good luck, most especially if the rose bears no thorns. Her displeasure is signified by bleeding from beneath the fingernails, an unexplained taste of rich soil, the discovery of a dead whippoorwill, the feeling that something important has been forgotten, or cold chills down the spine.

Worshipers and Clergy
Many of Pharasma’s worshipers are those closely aligned with either burgeoning life or terminating death. These include midwives, grave diggers, and morticians. Her priests are typically clerics, diviners, and necromancers that choose not to create undead. Her followers view the undead with hatred and consider them a great abomination. They view putting the undead to rest as a holy duty. The creation of undead is outlawed, and commanding undestroyed undead is not much liked either.

Temples and Shrines
The temples of Pharasma have the appearance of dark and ancient cathedrals. They are usually found close to a graveyard. Underneath the buildings are catacombs filled with crypts of the dead, typically priests or affluent townsfolk. Being entombed in these catacombs is thought to bring favor from the Lady of Graves. For example, in Sothis in Osirion, the Necropolis of the Faithful extends out from the original grounds of the High Temple of Pharasma. The services held by worshipers include chanting and singing. They are typically considered a joyous occasion, and a celebration of the circle of life and death. Members of the clergy also keep records of a community’s deaths and births.

The Church of Pharasma

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