Rivernook; NG Village
Corruption –4; Crime –4; Economy –4; Law –6; Lore –5; Society 1
Qualities: Strategic Location
Danger –10

Government: Council
Population: 75 (63 humans, 4 elves, 2 catfolk, 2 halflings, 1 dwarf, 1 kitsune, 1 half-elf, 1 half-orc)

Notable NPCs
Landlord and Innkeeper Jayna Halls (female half-elf bard 4)

Smith Ernhiedt Axehammer (male dwarf expert 4/warrior 1)

Trading Post Owner Mr. Eddard Gnoat (male human expert 2)

Village Elder and Head of the Village Council Maglinda Avernathy (female human expert 3/adept 1)

Constable Tessara Even glow (female elf ranger 2)

Base Value: 55 gp; Purchase Limit: 500 gp; Spellcasting 1st
Minor Items 1d4; Medium Items —; Major Items —


Rivernook is a small, speck of a village on the edge of the Nerras frontier. It is rarely visited by travelers, save for a few merchants who stop infrequently at best. Most other folk simply pass by, or through, on their way to more interesting places, sure to do more interesting things. The riverside community is peaceful. Almost too peaceful. While other frontier towns face attacks from roving monsters and tribes of warring natives, Rivernook stands untouched by any outsiders. The worst anyone has had to worry about are the occasion wolf pack preying on livestock. It is blissfully free of the problems so many other places face. Crops have always been plentiful, the weather has never been too severe, and there has never been a problem of illness or plague… that is, until recently.

A series of unfortunate events has befallen the village. Crops, that were once healthy, have withered on the vine. Livestock has died of mysterious circumstances. Powerful thunderstorms have ravaged the area, damaging many homes and destroying the village’s food stores. What’s worse, people have begun taking ill, victims of a strange disease with no discernible origin, and beyond the capabilities of even the village healer. Already the mysterious illness has claimed the lives of three elderly townsfolk, and two children. With more people contracting the disease with each passing day, it’s only a matter of time before the epidemic infects every man, woman, and child.


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