• Eddard Gnoat – Proprietor of the Rivernook Trading Post
  • Ernhiedt Axehammer – Dwarven Smith
  • Jayna Halls – Half-elf proprietor of The Long Road Inn
  • Maglinda Avernathy – Village Elder and Head of the Village Council
  • Tessara Evenglow – Elven Constable

Pharasmin Monastery

  • Ethan Grey – The cowardly Cleric of Pharasma (Deceased – Fatally wound at the hands of a Zombie)
  • Ausk – Half-orc half-brother of Graff, raised as an intelligent undead (Deceased – Slain by Graff)
  • Mysterious Hooded Figure – Only encountered this far in Bastia’s dream-visions.


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